$10 and Under, Take Two: 2010 Norton Malbec

A little while back, I failed miserably at trying to find two super cheap bottles of red. (You can read about that debacle here.) So, this time I heeded my own advice and did two things: 1) Went to Trader Joe’s. 2) Brought up my price range from $5 to $10. I knew TJ’s was the right call in this situation — they were my go-to wine store back in New York when I wanted to something cheap and easy (there’s an easy joke about NYC in here) and they never disappointed. I can’t think of one time that I’ve picked up wine at TJs and later had to pour it out.

So the next time I was in the neighborhood, I stopped by TJs and took a look down their red aisles. I almost picked up a bottle whose label featured a pig and its different cuts of meat when this bottle of Norton Malbec caught the corner of my eye. Something about it just seemed right, so in to the basket it went. Driving home I remembered what seemed so familiar: when we went to Argentina last year, this was one of the labels that a good friend had recommended. His exact words were: “You’ll see it at every restaurant. Excellent wine and cheap with a range of varietals.”

When I first cracked it open, it was a little rough on the nose, and the first couple sips had a strong kick. But it settled in nicely, and quickly, and Chris and I soon found ourselves enjoying it quite a bit. Rich and fruity with all the traditional goodness of Malbec. It’s still a young wine, but hands down well worth the $7.99 that we paid for it.

Trader Joe’s, I’m coming back to you for some more cheap finds.

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