A Toast for Moms: Discovering New White Wines

May means Mother’s Day (and Chris’ mom’s birthday) so we’re celebrating the month with a Mother Knows Best white wine tasting – delicious, crisp, refreshing, maybe even sweet white wines. We didn’t limit ourselves to a specific region like we have in the past. Instead we searched out some of the more common varietals and pulled bottles that met our criteria: easy to find and relatively inexpensive.

Despite our recent love affair with Trader Joe’s we headed back to BevMo for this round so that we could grab different bottles from a number of regions. We’re excited to give these a taste!

Dry Creek Vineyard, 2009 Clarksburg Dry Chenin Blanc ($10.99)

So many fruity notes in this description that it makes me want to go to the Carribean – “green apple, lemon lime, and pineapple.” 87 points by Wine Enthusiast; let’s see if this one lives up to the hype.

Trimbach Riesling ($18.99)

Going German for the second wine to find a good Riesling. I’m especially excited by the 90 points from Wine Spectactor and the “mouthwatering” mention in the BevMo description.

La Tunella Pinot Grigio ($12.99)

Bringing an Italian white into the mix for the third bottle. Head to head competition against the CA pinot gris? Yes, please. Excited to see how this “ripe fruit” wine brings it to the table.

Heliotrope 2009 Pinot Gris ($9.99)

Expecting stronger fruit flavors out of this California wine, but excited to see how it stands up to the Italian and German contenders in the mix. Let’s hope it doesn’t overpower!

So that’s the line-up. I’m crossing my fingers for some winners in here, especially since we’re not familiar with Chenin Blanc or Pinot Gris. It would be great to find some tasty, affordable whites to replace some of our usual suspects.

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