Linda & Chris

A while ago, we decided that we like wine. Like, really like wine. (This revelation may or may not have had something to do with us moving to California. Shocking, we know.) But there was one big problem: there’s so much friggin wine out there.

Chris wasn’t exposed to wine until recently. He grew up in more of a  domestic beer family. Sips of church wine and Mom’s white zinfandel led  to a rather unimpressed opinion about wine.  Sorry Mom.  Linda had a  little bit more experience but was still scarred by her first sip of wine; it tasted,  shall we say, “vinegary.

So we tried visiting wineries, testing wine bars, and planning adventures to the local BevMo! superstore. All in the quest  to figure out what we like and why we like it. We can now tell you some  feelings on rosé (meh), viognier (depends) and malbec (gimme gimme more).  But we’re  still far from experts, and there’s still so much friggin wine out  there.

Now you may have heard of this story about California wine taking on  French wine in a blind taste test in 1976.  For those who haven’t, the  west coast won the competition, much to the froggies’ chagrin.  So, in  the name of California pride, we thought we’d start  holding our own blind tastings and documenting some of the other things we learn along the way.

We’re gonna have fun and you should too.

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