Basics of the Tasting

Natalie Vella

So here’s how we’re going to do it. Once a month we’ll be tasting five different wines from one group, be it varietal, region, vineyard, etc. We’ll write up our thoughts on each – don’t worry, there won’t be any “slight coriander flavors” mentioned – and how much we’d be willing to pay for it. And, of course, how much we actually did pay for it.

And that’s it. That’s our simple equation for determining whether or not we like a wine. If the price we’d be willing to pay for it is greater price we actually paid for it, we’d have a winner on our hands! Now…the opposite equation isn’t quite so good.

Really it couldn’t be any simpler. We could be loving a $5 wine or a $40 wine. Just so long as we think the value is greater than the cost. (Ahh, basic economics make life so much easier.) For the sake of simplicity though, we’re going to stick to tasting wines that retail between $10 and $30.

Feel free to play along! And if you have a wine you’re loving right now, share it. If we love a wine you recommend, we’ll broadcast it out and give you full credit.


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