Carhartt Winery: Backyard Watering Hole

Carhartt Winery is located in downtown Los Olivos, right on the corner as you turn in from Route 154.  It’s almost hidden under a handful of large shady trees along the sidewalk.  It’s an unassuming building (on the road to certification as the Guinness Book of Records smallest tasting room), but just beyond the backdoor lies a perfect hideaway.  We ended up spending over an hour in their backyard.

Carhartt Winery’s winemaker Brooke was on hand to treat us to a tasting of their collections of wines.  She even took the time to explain their winemaking process, including how rose can be made in two different ways.  Originally starting with Merlot and Syrah, Carhartt now produces 6 varietals including Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache Blanc.  Brooke uses a combination of neutral oak and stainless steel on the white wines to cut any sharpness (especially with Sauvignon Blanc) and leave them mellow.

The Merlot was our favorite of the pack.  We took one home with us, perfect for a BBQ with it’s cherry flavors and easy tannic structure.

Merlot was also our favorite for another reason.  The tasting notes for the wine dubbed it the Charlie Sheen wine – WINNING!  I showed the note to Linda before the Merlot was poured, and we decided not to say anything to see if Brooke mentioned it.  Sure enough, she did.  It’s really refreshing to get a little humor introduced into wine tasting.  One of our friends in the group even signed up for their wine club.  Talk about #winning.

Merlot, Rhone, Sangiovese, Santa Barbara, Sauvignon Blanc, Syrah, USA

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