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Linda’s May/June Picks: Russian River Reds Pinot & Five Vinters Zinfandel

Oops. May got a little busy. And I may or may not have posted a Linda’s pick. (I’ll save you the trouble of searching: I didn’t.) But I’m here to make up for it! We’ve been enjoying these two wines … Continue reading

Linda's Pick, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel

$10 and Under, Take Two: 2010 Norton Malbec

A little while back, I failed miserably at trying to find two super cheap bottles of red. (You can read about that debacle here.) So, this time I heeded my own advice and did two things: 1) Went to Trader … Continue reading

Argentina, Linda's Pick, Malbec

Linda’s March Pick: How Low Can We Go?

The other day I was walking through Whole Foods and saw one of their wine promos advertising some bottle for $3.99. $3.99? That’s Trader Joe’s Two Buck Chuck cheap! I was skeptical (and my cart was full) so I passed … Continue reading

Cabernet Sauvignon, Linda's Pick