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Midnight Safeway Run & Buena Vista Pinot Noir

Ever been to Safeway at 12:30am on a Friday night, combing the aisles of red, while looking for something to take the edge off a 3 hr drive, selecting a bottle you think your brother mentioned a while back, and … Continue reading

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Linda’s May/June Picks: Russian River Reds Pinot & Five Vinters Zinfandel

Oops. May got a little busy. And I may or may not have posted a Linda’s pick. (I’ll save you the trouble of searching: I didn’t.) But I’m here to make up for it! We’ve been enjoying these two wines … Continue reading

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Barrique Wine Bar: Like Tasting Wine in a Barrel

Last month, Linda and I stopped in for a drink at Barrique before an awesome dinner at Babbacco.  If you’re in SF, check Barbacco out.  The food was ridiculous, and it was the first time we ordered wine through an … Continue reading

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Joseph Phelps: Sheeeep!!!

Driving into Joseph Phelps makes you feel like you’re entering some exotic New Zealand winery. (At least this is what I imagine a NZ winery to be like.) You’ve got the rolling green hills, the windy road through the vineyards … Continue reading

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Martinelli Winery: Where Wine Flows like Cider

Every year, Sonoma hosts a big barrel tasting event for a weekend or two in March. You can taste wine right out of the barrel and potentially buy wine futures. Sounds interesting. Also sounds like something that draws a lot … Continue reading

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Trahan & Olabisi: Downtown Napa’s Secret

Once again, Katie from Honig Winery came through from us, recommending Trahan & Olabisi.  This tasting was a first for us since it was at a tasting room in downtown Napa.  No vineyards in the backyard, no view across the … Continue reading

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And the Pinot Noir Goes to…

We combined our low key Oscars night with our Pinot Noir tasting.  In between Timberlake claiming he was Banksy (BTW – Chris seriously loved that documentary.  It’s on Netflix streaming if you’re interested.) and Christian Bale’s plug for Dick Eklund, … Continue reading

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To W. Wong, Thanks for Everything! Pinot Noir

It soon will become apparent that we shop at BevMo! quite a bit. It’s a Walmart-esque liquor store in California and Arizona. Interestingly enough, BevMo! has its own wine taster/rater – Wilfred Wong. Here’s his Linkedin profile. He looks legit … Continue reading

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