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October Tasting: Exploring Oak Minimums & Maximums

Eighteen months in new French oak.  Twelve months in new American oak.  Twelve months in semi-new French oak.  It seems like wineries use these statements on websites and in tasting rooms to express the quality of their wine (and justification … Continue reading

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July Tasting Results in October…Whoops

July was a slow month.  August saw a trip to Ireland plus a new job for Chris.  September Chris traveled 3 out of 4 weeks. Now it’s October and we’re back and finishing off our July tasting and getting into … Continue reading

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July Tasting: The Representatives from Washington St.

We decided in the beginning of the month to celebrate a month of America (because of the 4th) with some wines from Washington.  At first pass, it was kinda tough to source WA wine by ourselves, so we reached out … Continue reading

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July Tasting: Ode to Washington (State) for the 4th

It’s almost independence day so let’s celebrate with wines from Washington (State, not the founding father or the District of Columbia). We’re not experts on US history, but we think George Washington was important to our July 4th holiday, you … Continue reading

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June Tasting Results: Syrah at 6,000 ft.

We timed our June tasting with a trip to Tahoe with 4 friends and 2 new friends. Rather than let our open bottles sit on our lonely counter for a week as we slowly consumed them, we wanted to share … Continue reading

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June Tasting Selection: And the Winner Is…

After a barn-burning vote, and by barn-burning I mean me bugging people to give me their opinion, we have a selection for our June tasting.  Facebook was involved, as was email, and eventually a Virginia quarter spun on a table.  … Continue reading

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Choose Our Blind Tasting for June!

We’re going to try something new this month that may become a regular occurrence with our blog.  Instead of thinking up a tasting, we’re going to come up with a few tasting ideas and then post them on our Facebook … Continue reading

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May Tasting Results: The Search for Mom Approved Whites

In honor of Mother’s Day, we set out on an ambitious quest to find some good white wines — “Mom approved” white wines, if you will. Ambitious you say? What’s so ambitious about finding a lick-lipping, decently-priced white wine? Aren’t … Continue reading

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A Toast for Moms: Discovering New White Wines

May means Mother’s Day (and Chris’ mom’s birthday) so we’re celebrating the month with a Mother Knows Best white wine tasting – delicious, crisp, refreshing, maybe even sweet white wines. We didn’t limit ourselves to a specific region like we … Continue reading

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Italian Red Wine: Molto Lieto

Our blind tasting this past Easter introduced two things: Italian reds and our blog to some of our friends.  Both went pretty well, probably because we drank a lot of wine and really enjoyed it.  Opinions definitely differed on what … Continue reading

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