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Meet a Winemaker: Regis Chaigne

Before we get to the interview, I have a confession to make…I suffer from too-many-ideas-too-little-time-itis.  It’s plagued me for a while now and has resulted in a few purchased web domains, email conversation and pitch decks with friends that fall … Continue reading

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Carhartt Winery: Backyard Watering Hole

Carhartt Winery is located in downtown Los Olivos, right on the corner as you turn in from Route 154.  It’s almost hidden under a handful of large shady trees along the sidewalk.  It’s an unassuming building (on the road to … Continue reading

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Foxen Winery: Tasting Bordeaux, Contemplating Tattoos

Foxen Winery has been around since 1985 and produces a number of different wines from their own vineyards as well as purchased grapes.  The one vineyard they own is the only dry farmed vineyard in the region, meaning the grapes … Continue reading

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Joseph Phelps: Sheeeep!!!

Driving into Joseph Phelps makes you feel like you’re entering some exotic New Zealand winery. (At least this is what I imagine a NZ winery to be like.) You’ve got the rolling green hills, the windy road through the vineyards … Continue reading

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Allez Le Blancs! French Whites for Spring

What better way to celebrate the coming spring than with some whites wines from France — putting our favorite French white to the test. Up until a few years ago, Linda and I knew nothing about French wine, red or … Continue reading

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Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc ’10

Paying a lot of money for a bottle of white is always tough for Linda and me.  We just don’t find that of a big difference between a $10 bottle and a $40 bottle.  That said, there are some bad … Continue reading

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Honig Family Winery: Ask for Katie

Our second stop on that ridiculously beautiful Saturday in Napa was Honig Family Winery. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one — I had never heard of it, the winery was tucked away off the beaten path (could … Continue reading

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