Choose Our Blind Tasting for June!

We’re going to try something new this month that may become a regular occurrence with our blog.  Instead of thinking up a tasting, we’re going to come up with a few tasting ideas and then post them on our Facebook page for people to vote on them.  After a week of voting, the tasting with the most votes gets selected for the month.

Here are the tasting options for June.  We’re keeping it simple with three choices this month:

High vs. Low Alcohol Content – There seems to be a growing debate over the alcohol content of wine.  The modern consumer and high profile critics seem to prefer fruitier, more intense wines which means riper grapes which means more sugar to convert to alcohol.  We’ll try and pick a few bottles of the same varietal (paying no attention to region) with mixed alcohol levels.

Spain vs. Portugal – Who cares if Spain beat Portugal in the recent World Cup in South Africa on account of a David Villa goal?  We’ll piggyback off our experience at #Wines4JapanSF and visit our friend Luis at VinosUnico to setup a battle between Spain and Portugal wines.  Since we don’t know that much about these two regions, we might even stage a white competition and a red competition.

BevMo vs. Whole Foods vs. Trader Joe’s – If you had $15 to spend on a wine and asked a clerk in BevMo, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe’s for a recommendation, who comes out on top?  We’ll taste the wine blind in the sense we won’t know who picked which bottle until the end.

So go exercise your right to vote by clicking RIGHT HERE.  It will take two seconds.  We’ll keep the polls open for a week and announce the winner a week from today.

Note: we’re still new to the FB thing so you might have to become a fan to vote.  Don’t worry, there won’t be any FB spam from us.  We’ve already blocked our friend’s game updates, so we know how crazy it can be.  But for those who won’t commit, leave your vote in our comments for it to count.  We want as much participation as possible.

Blind Tastings

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