Chris’ October Pick: Sklyark Red Belly

Skylark Red BellyThe Selection: While out on a date night happy hour, the bartender at BLVD suggested I try a Syrah from Skylark.  I really liked the wine, but it seemed high at $27.  At $20, the Red Belly blend seemed like a good option to try and see if its value matched its price tag.  This wine is a mix of 40% Syrah, 40% Carignane, and 20% Grenache.

According to the K&L website, Skylark comes from two restaurant wine directors – John Lancaster and Robert Perkins.  Guess where they work? Uh huh…BLVD restaurant in SF.  It’s really interesting how many avenues there are to get into the wine business – grow and sell, grow and produce, grow, buy, and produce, or buy and produce.  While each method has it’s advantages and disadvantages, each path can lead to great wine.

What Chris Said: This wine is super young and needs time to breathe, like a full day.  It’s silky on the tongue but the tannins masked any nuanced flavors.  This wine leans towards the fruit side which is odd to me since the Grenache (fruitiest of the 3 grapes in the bottle) is the smallest amount.   Overall, I’m going back and forth between “well-balanced” and “unremarkable”.  I’ll give it the benefit of the doubt and call it a solid balanced wine, but I’d love to see this wine with another year in the bottle to its credit.

What Linda Said: Pretty good, but slightly overpriced.  Better than the $30 Cab we had at dinner.

Chris' Pick, Red Wine, USA

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