Chris’ Pick: Clos LaChance Grenache 2005

This month I decided to go back in time a little bit and pull out a wine from our collection.  It’s been in our collection for about 3 years now since it’s one of the wines served during our wedding at Clos LaChance.  We were a little worried about the condition of this wine since it’s traveled with us in our past 3 apartment moves (one of which was from LA to SF).  Prior to tasting, we did a little research and found that Grenache doesn’t age well due to its propensity to oxidation.  Luckily, it still kicks ass.

The story of how we picked Clos LaChance for our wedding is partly due to its wine.  As we traveled down to visit the winery, my wife, my in-laws, and I all agreed that we’ll host the wedding up in Tahoe on a huge patch of grass where we could party under the stars under a tent.  It was hilarious that we decided this on the way to check out another wedding location.  I remember someone asking if we should still head down to Clos LaChance.  Fortunately, we all agreed that we’d at least get a wine tasting out of it.

We got more than a wine tasting out of it.  We fell in love with the location (just off the highway, tucked into the hills so you heard zero traffic and only saw beautiful scenery) as well as the wine (Rhone varietals as well as Pinot Noir and Chardonnay).  Our family, friends, and guests agreed that it was truly an amazing setting and experience.  Plus we only served wine and beer, avoiding the potential too-many-shots-drunk-friends scenario.

Back to the wine, it smelled pretty complex with hints of smoke, pepper, and sweetness.  (Sidebar – I think Grenache might be my favorite Rhone varietal.)  The taste matched the smell.  It went down smooth which meant the tannins were nice and soft.  Strong cherry flavors came through along with a subtle alcohol/heat after taste. We still have one more bottle of Granche (plus two Rhone blends), but we’re looking forward to opening them in the near future and reliving that amazing wedding day.

Chris' Pick, Grenache, USA

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