Sons & Daughters Honoring Fathers

Chris' Grandpa @ Breezy Point

Since our Dads were either 150 miles away playing golf or 2,500 miles away watching baseball, we celebrated them with Father from Saarloos & Sons. We’ve mentioned Saarloos before on our favorites page.  Their wines have a strong family focus making them a perfect choice for Father’s Day.  I actually sent my Dad a bottle of Saarloos’ Son Cabernet for today.  He celebrated Father’s Day by posting a photo of his Dad on Facebook.  I never knew my grandfather but love seeing old photos of him, especially when he’s smiling.

The Saarloos Father Syrah turned out great with our meal of Carne Asada with cauliflower and Brussels sprouts.  Funny how we now enjoy these types of vegetables, the ones our Fathers once “encouraged” us to finish during weeknight dinners.  The wine had a dark purple color and expressed light tannins and rich red fruit.  There was a balanced amount of spice and a hint of sweetness like caramel.  Solid value for a wine under $30 (the price has risen since they’re fewer bottles left).

We talked with my Dad later in the day, after he opened the bottle of Son.  We didn’t ask for any specifics from him, but Mom did use the terms “let it breathe” and “bouquet” (Someone’s been reading the blog).  At the end of the conversation, Dad had another sip and said thank you for his gift.  You’re welcome Dad, but you deserve the biggest Thank You.


Syrah, USA

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