French Silk Syrah Cabernet ’08

I’m a sucker for design, branding, and presentation especially with wine bottles.  This usually means I shun the silly logos or labels stuck in the 1980s, but I couldn’t resist the packaging of French Silk Syrah Cabernet (another BevMo $0.05 sale wine) and the 89 points from W. Wong.  I think it was probably the multicolored screw cap.  I kinda appreciate risk taking especially when French wines usually stick to labels with their region and simplicity.

Sadly, my risk taking didn’t pay off.  French Silk’s flavor did not live up to its brightly colored cap.  No two ways about it – this was a bad wine.  It almost had a metallic taste.  We ended up using most of the wine for a cooking recipe.  The dinner was actually tasty so we got some use out of the wine.

Now since it was a BevMo $0.05 sale, we have a second bottle.  Just in case we opened up a bad bottle, I decided to double down and try the second one.  American always loves a comeback story.  Unfortunately, this story doesn’t end well.  The smell was still a metallic grape juice.  The taste wasn’t too bad at first, but after a little more exposure to air, it soured pretty quickly to a bland concoction of flavored water.


Cabernet Sauvignon, France, Red Wine, Syrah

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