Honig Family Winery: Ask for Katie

Honig Tasting Room

Our second stop on that ridiculously beautiful Saturday in Napa was Honig Family Winery. I wasn’t sure what to expect with this one — I had never heard of it, the winery was tucked away off the beaten path (could be great, could be bad), and we “didn’t have a reservation.”

That’s right. Aside from all the new wine leads we picked up that day, the most helpful tidbit of information was learning that that any winery built after the 1990′s (I can’t remember the exact year) will require a reservation in order to taste. Most of the bigger vineyards were grandfathered in to the law. So if you’ve never come across this problem, you need to start going to smaller, newer wineries.

We were lucky that this Saturday was a little slow and a fantastic host was able to accommodate the two of us at a table out of the patio. Katie was so much fun to sit and chat with that I almost felt bad asking her to pour us wine. Almost.

Honig does two things, and they do them very well: Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Fortunately, a lot of their Sauv Blanc can be bought at wine retailers so there’s no need to go wild with your credit card at the winery. But do yourself a favor and go just to try their Rutherford Sauvignon Blanc and their Bartolucci Cab.

While you’re there, tell Katie that we’re sorry the Steelers lost the Superbowl.

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