Hungarian Wine Counts & Austrian Adventures

You know how people like to go someplace warm during the holidays to avoid winter blues? Not this gal. Right before last Christmas, we packed up and headed east in search of all the Christmas markets we could find in Hungary and Austria. And they did not disappoint!

Our first stop was Budapest where we quickly discovered forralt bor (the Hungarian version of mulled wine) and made it our personal mission to collect as many mugs as we could over the course of the week. I lost count, but think we came in around 15. Not too shabby! The wine was relatively similar from market to market, but sometimes we found vendors who added their personal touch – a little cinnamon here, a little peach schnapps there…

From Budapest, we popped over to Vienna where we discovered two new varietals that quickly became personal favorites – Gruner Veltliner, and St. Laurent. The former a nice light crisp Sauv Blanc-esque wine, and the latter a mid-body red that’s perfect for pairing with food and comes with a reasonable price tag. I would be lying if I said we didn’t drink a ridiculous amount of both during our time there.

Here are some links to a couple available locally:


St. Laurent:

Austria, Hungary

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