July Tasting: Ode to Washington (State) for the 4th

It’s almost independence day so let’s celebrate with wines from Washington (State, not the founding father or the District of Columbia).

We’re not experts on US history, but we think George Washington was important to our July 4th holiday, you know, being a general during the revolution and our first president and all. We’re gonna roll the dice and not fact check that.  I’m pretty sure we won’t end up like like Sarah Palin on the topic of Paul Revere.

Washington State is actually the second largest producer of wine in the US, behind California.  Almost all of that wine is produced in the desert-like eastern half called the Columbia River Basin.  The Cascade Mountain range defines this east/west split and results in a wet coast and dry inland.  I’m guessing this means pinot on the coast and cab in the basin.  Oddly enough the Seattle state sees 2 hrs more of sunshine than California, probably meaning a shorter growing season or fruity, bold, high alcohol wines.  The most prevalent red and white varietals are Cabernet, Merlot, Chardonnay, and Riesling.

Washington Wine MapAll that said, we’re not sure what wines we should taste this month.  We know Columbia Winery and Chateau Ste. Michelle are dominant forces in WA and widely distributed across the US, but we’re curious to try some other this time around.

That’s why we need YOU (Uncle Sam style) to help us.  If you have a recommendation for a Washington wine, leave it in the comments.  We’ll be looking for ideas on Twitter and Facebook as well.


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