July Tasting Results in October…Whoops

washington reds

July was a slow month.  August saw a trip to Ireland plus a new job for Chris.  September Chris traveled 3 out of 4 weeks. Now it’s October and we’re back and finishing off our July tasting and getting into our October tasting.

We cracked these bottles open late in July on a random weekend.  Something along the lines of “Linda, we should taste these soon.” <pause> “Ok.”  I poured first for Linda, and we switched after she finished the 4th taste.  Looking over these results, I think it reaffirms that people experience wine differently and wine changes character even after a little bit of oxygen.

Overall we agreed on the value of Chateau Ste. Michelle (List $10.99, Chris $12, Linda $20) and the Columbia Crest (List $10.99, Chris $15, Linda $15).  We split on the Karl Claret (List $21, Chris $7, Linda $20) and the Gramercy Cellars (List $35.99, Chris $30, Linda $25), but we will definitely remember the Gramercy name in case we see it in a restaurant.

Overall, I was impressed with Washington State.  I think there’s a lot to be explored and without the hype of California or Napa, they are very reasonable.

2007 Gramercy Cellars “Lagniappe” Columbia Valley Syrah ($35.99) – “strong on the tannins” “rich flavors” “would like to let it breathe some more” “lots of awesome potential” “darker in color than others” “deep, awesome smelling” “sweet licorice” “good finish” “not much fruit” “hints of pancakes or beignets”

2007 Robert Karl Columbia Valley Claret ($21.99) – “vanilla oak with bacon and salt” “front of the tongue felt like curling up due to the tannins” “not much fruit” “strong nose that was worrisome” “delicious and light going down” “pinot qualities” “good on it’s own, minus the tannins”

2008 Columbia Crest “H3″ Horse Heaven Hills” Washington Merlot ($10.99) – “not memorable but pleasant” “oak + vanilla + tannins + little fruit” “almost too soft on the tongue” “had a napa smell on the nose, so expecting bigger flavors” “hungry for more tannins”

Chateau Ste. Michelle Columbia Valley Merlot ($10.99) – “vanilla oak smell” “butterscotch, almost Werther’s Original” “smooth on tongue” “little tannic” “stick heat” “no much fruit” “rich and berry” “slight high alcohol burn down the back of the throat” “Yummy” “would be great with meat”

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