Linda’s May/June Picks: Russian River Reds Pinot & Five Vinters Zinfandel

Russian River Reds Five Vintners

Pinot to the Left & Zin on the Right

Oops. May got a little busy. And I may or may not have posted a Linda’s pick. (I’ll save you the trouble of searching: I didn’t.) But I’m here to make up for it! We’ve been enjoying these two wines quite a bit this past week.

First up was the Russian River Reds 2008 Pinot Noir.  We first discovered (and loved) this wine when a friend brought it to a dinner party a couple weeks back. It’s very well-balanced with just a hit of fruit. I was worried that I might just be remembering things too fondly. This dinner party was a lot of fun, and there is scientific proof that people remember things in a more positive light than they actually experienced them. (Why else do you keep going back to Disneyland?) But this wine did not disappoint the second time around. It was great from the first opening to the second day tasting. And although I’m a big pinot noir fan, this wine is also guy approved. That’s right, Chris loved it too. In fact, we were both so happy with this wine that it might just end up on our favorites list.

Also on open on our counter this week was the Five Vintners 2007 Zinfandel. I picked up this wine based almost exclusively on its label. (I warned you that was coming.) To me, it almost looks more like a prehistoric fish than five tickmarks. Not that prehistoric fish are particularly appetizing, but I appreciate good design. But on to the actual taste: This zin was a nice blend and very well-balanced — none of the flavors were overwhelming and it definitely wasn’t a fruit bomb like you might expect from other California Zins. It also stood up quite well to spicy foods; the first night it triumphed over Mexican and the second over Thai. Or as K&L more succinctly describes it: “Bright cherry fruit is complimented by smoky oak and peppery spice in a fruit-filled, zesty wine.” That’s definitely right on. Well-done Mr. Five Vintners.

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