Midnight Safeway Run & Buena Vista Pinot Noir

Buena Vista Pinot NoirEver been to Safeway at 12:30am on a Friday night, combing the aisles of red, while looking for something to take the edge off a 3 hr drive, selecting a bottle you think your brother mentioned a while back, and discovering a fantastic bottle you now consider a favorite?  That was way too specific to say anything else but “We did”.

Linda’s brother is coming into town next month.  In planning the trip, he mentioned a few wineries we could visit including Buena Vista.  We had never heard of Buena Vista before, as well as the other wineries on his list, and we’re the ones with the wine blog. Ha!  Buena Vista is actually the oldest premium winery in California, dating back to 1857.

Anyways, we were in the mood for a Pinot at midnight so we scanned the aisle and came across the Buena Vista and said why not.  It was competitively priced around $16 at Safeway so it wouldn’t be a big deal if we didn’t like it.  But we did, seriously did.  In fact, it’s going on the favorites list.  The BV Pinot had such a smooth, polite creaminess, that it was hard to share with others.

While writing this post, we discovered that Buena Vista was purchased by a French company Boisset Family Estates in April.  Even more odd, we learned about Boisset from a steaming Netflix documentary called Mondovino.  Hopefully the new management doesn’t change things too much.

Pinot Noir, USA

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