Piña: Barrels and Bocce

At the recommendation (along with a free tasting card) of Katie from Honig Winery, aka our new favorite person, we stopped by Piña to visit some of her favorite cabs. (Note to self: keep making friends with winery staff in hopes of snagging more free tasting cards.) Piña is located along Silverado Trail in an unassuming building.  You don’t come to Piña for the architecture or ambiance, because there isn’t any.  Their building consists of one large room that held their entire 2009 and 2010 harvest.

2009 and 2010 Piña Harvest

Kind of ridiculous when you think about it.  They focus on small releases of single vineyard cabs from plots scattered throughout the Napa Valley.  They really don’t need a big, flashy building since their sales mainly comes from their wine club.  To that point, there was a couple (members of the Piña wine club) tasting with us who took a full case home with them.


Clair welcomed us into the “tasting room” (with a quick computer registration to count as our reservation) and poured out 3 of their recent cabs from their D’Adamo, Howell, and Firehouse vineyards (we skipped their Sauv Blanc).  Linda didn’t seem partial to any of the wines, but I succumbed to the Firehouse Cab.  In retrospect, it probably isn’t worth its price tag (especially after discovering a particular tasting room in downtown Napa – stay tuned for that post), but I’m excited to let the Firehouse mellow out for a couple of years and open it up and enjoy it with a nice steak.  Oh yeah.

After completing our purchase, Clair suggested we walk around the building/property to see the actual Firehouse vineyard right up the slope.  As we turned the corner outside, we came across a pretty sweet bocce court.  While the seating was classic plastic deck chairs, I could totally vision coming back to Piña to share a bottle in the sun with some friends while playing a game or 8.

We continued around the property and were in awe of the beautiful day and scenery.  Linda and I both whipped out our cellphones for some new wallpaper backgrounds.  As we continued back to our car, we noticed a couple of barrels of Piña wine sitting outside.  Upon further investigation, we saw that these mischievous twins had been labeled BAD.  I just had to laugh and snap a photo, imagining that the bad wine was forced to sit outside and think about what it’s done. Oh well, maybe next year.

Mischievious Twins

Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa Valley, Red Wine

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