Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc ’10

Paying a lot of money for a bottle of white is always tough for Linda and me.  We just don’t find that of a big difference between a $10 bottle and a $40 bottle.  That said, there are some bad $10 bottles of white.  Luckily the 3rd $0.05 BevMo sale bottle didn’t fall into this category.

The Vigilance Sauvignon Blanc is produced in Lake County California using sustainable farming methods.  It got some nice reviews from W. Wong/BevMo and, more importantly, some nice reviews from us.  It had a pleasant dryness, softly balanced with a little acid and citrus, high marks on the smooth factor.  It would go well with most classic white wine dishes.

We don’t normally keep white wines around (partly because they can be so generic and partly because we drink the cheap stuff fast), but the Vigilance would be nice wine to keep around when the dinner calls for it.

Sauvignon Blanc, USA, White Wine

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