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No Tuxes (except the t-shirt kind)

Wine can be down right intimidating. It has this mysterious arrogance of a refined, high-class snob like Chuck on Gossip Girl   I hate Chuck… Linda probably thinks he’s cute. Anyways, add in professional wine tasters swirling, swooshing, and spiting wine (seriously?) before they rate it and you realize wine makes itself pretty unapproachable.

This makes no sense to us. Wine should be fun and accessible, which is why we’ve decided to drink a lot of it and let the taste buds decide. Here’s the plan; once a month, we host a blind taste test for our friends, visit some spots in wine country (easy since we live in SF), share some tidbits, and do a little wine pairing with take-out food. In the process, we hope to find some solid, affordable wines that we might actually recognize on a restaurant menu.

We’re not experts, aficionados, or enthusiasts – just a young couple stumbling our way through wine.


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