YTB 2.0 – New Perspective

chicago bean

Chicago Bean

With every side project, it’s smart to take some time to reflect – on how it makes you feel, on the commitment, on its value.  Over the past month and a half, we’ve done some of that thinking (along with a trip to Ireland and a new job for Chris = busy busy).  Now we’re ready to reemerge a little wiser, organized, and better suited to share our wine experiences with you.

I spent most of August rethinking our site, our content, kind of our contribution (albeit small) to the wine community.  I’ve spent a bunch of nights tweaking our design through much CSS trial and error.  Much like a new haircut, I hope you notice the new font, masthead, social buttons, Facebook comments, larger wine map, more images and even photos from a new camera (finally went DSLR).  I’ll probably keep fidgeting with the site on an ongoing basis as I brush up on my HTML and CSS skills.

The bigger change comes from our thoughts on our writing.  While we’ll still write up our thoughts on blind tastings, picks of the month, trips to wineries, add in a little more about things we learn along the way, and let our friends throw in some ideas.  Beyond that, we’re gonna keep the blog simple.  Instead of spending time on figuring out how to post 3 times a week, stretching to come up with ideas, we’re gonna spend that time trying to start a dialogue.

We’ve setup some specific search terms on Twitter through TweetDeck that hopefully will give us the opportunity to share our opinion directly with people looking for suggestions and recommendations on things we have thoughts to share.  Ideally this gives  us the opportunity to share with people who don’t frequent wine blogs or follow wineries on Twitter or Facebook.

After 6 months of blogging about wine, it’s pretty apparent that wine writers write for wine writers.  While we’ve gained a lot of knowledge personally from this balance, I feel as though it’s limiting.  There will always be a winemaker, sommelier, or wine critic who has a better palate, notes, and writing.  I’d like to find an opportunity to do a little more and reach out to other people who are curious about wine.

We’ll keep writing for ourselves to learn more about wine, but we’ll also write for others since sharing is more important than pageviews.


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